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This avid book addict, child of 3 generations of English Teachers, grew up helping to grade papers.

One goal of Outside Eyes is to help an author address any issues before a book gets published.

Another goal of Outside Eyes is to encourage beginning writers by giving affordable feedback that will strengthen their work.

That said, it is our belief that you, the author, should have the final say in any corrections other than basic punctuation. So, what you will receive are suggestions for making the book read more smoothly, tighten plot-lines, clarify points in the story—and occasional corrections in terminology. Also included are notes as to why a specific change would strengthen the book.

I am widely read in a variety of genres. I have met very few books I didn’t like, as long as they have an interesting story!

Between a wide range of life experiences and an assortment of non-conventional and non-conformist communities filled with unique, interesting and artistic people, I am fortunate to have access to a vast array of knowledge—along with the ability to see from "outside" the story, catching continuity issues and details that need attention.

Your book will be read twice—first to know the story and characters as well as start the proofreading/editing process. The second time is to concentrate on the Editing and Proofreading details. Both are done at the same time, although some companies offer them as separate services.

Some editors and proofreaders charge by the hour, and some by the word. I charge by the job, considering various factors, trying to come to a fair price.

For example; a recent book of ~250 pages would have been charged ~$300.00 to edit/proofread, as it was fairly quick reading despite the assorted editing/proofreading issues. A book of the same length written in a more classical, detail intense, style (such as Tolkien or Charles Dickens), would have been more as it would take longer to read.

If you can ever use my services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ce-ce Cox
Outside Eyes


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