Testimonials for Outside Eyes

"I depend on Outside Eyes as the last step before publication. Despite having been through the rigors of multiple editors, Ce-ce always manages to catch missed nuances and details, helping fine-tune each project."
Becca St. John www.beccastjohn.com

When I wrote my first book, Exiles of Raifor, I made the mistake of believing I could edit it myself. Like most authors I was focused on making sure my characters were well done, my plot was without gaping holes and my story was consistent. That meant my mind wasn't focused on finding errors in spelling and grammar. I overused words and allowed avoidable mistakes to taint the quality of my book. If it wasn't for Ce-Ce my books would likely still exist in that sorry state today. Her expertise and attention to detail transformed my books from an amateur product to a professional one.
Claude Ashton www.chashton.com


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